Take an Online Class

Take an Online Class

Hosted by Conjuring Arts University …

This is a new, online opportunity to meet and receive personal instruction from magic’s great teachers:

  • Small Class Sizes—Limited to 10 students per section
  • ONLINE—Participate from anywhere with a webcam and an internet connection
  • LIVE—Interact and receive personal instruction and feedback from the world’s greatest masters in real time

The greatest living master of coin magic wants to teach you his secrets.

Conjuring Arts Master-in-Residence, David Roth, has spent his whole life studying, creating, and performing magic. For the last five decades, he has been teaching his beautiful coin work through his highly-acclaimed lectures to magicians all over the entire world. For years, his highly-sought private lessons have been reserved only to cater to the world’s top magicians… until now. David Roth is offering to pass down his most powerful routines and techniques to you through an entirely new and groundbreaking course of exclusive, live, and intimate lessons.

This is live and in real time filled with interaction. Not a series of videos.

Master Coin Magic with David Roth

PART ONE Consists of Five 75 Minute Classes

In which you will learn

  • Techniques
  • Tricks
  • Performance & Presentational Skills
  • Audience Management
  • Trick, Routine & Program Construction
  • Outs & Precautions
  • Theory & History

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